How can you expectthe unexpected?

Planning your IT business continuity and disaster recovery strategy is vital.

Disaster Recovery

Total Distribution can offer cost effective solutions to help protect your data and get you back up and running, should the worst happen.

Peace of mind
Peace of mind

Knowing your systems are backed up and secure

Ransomware protection
Ransomware protection

With the ability to rollback your systems to any point in time and on-the-go ransomware scanning

Downtime is expensive
Downtime is expensive

With your IT systems offline, this is an additional daily cost to your business

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Datto Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

As a Gold Partner to Datto, we can provide our customers with an all-in-one business continuity and disaster recovery solution.


Screenshot verification so you have 100% confidence in backups

Cloud Replication
Cloud Replication

Replicate your data securely to multiple locations

Instant virtualisation
Instant virtualisation

Simplifying your restore processes and getting you back online quicker

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Barracuda Essentials

Advanced email security, continuity, and data protection for your private cloud workloads.

Email Continuity Service
Email Continuity Service

Microsoft guarantee an uptime of 99.9% for their hosted Exchange Online email service. Should that service be interrupted at any point, Barracuda’s Email Continuity service can be invoked to offer a temporary email solution whilst Microsoft work to resolve the fault.

Cloud-to-Cloud Backup
Cloud-to-Cloud Backup

Microsoft 365’s in-built data retention alone is not enough to protect your cloud data.

Barracuda protects your email (Exchange Online), file (OneDrive and SharePoint) and Microsoft Teams data, by backing it up directly to Barracuda Cloud Storage, all for a low monthly cost.

With unlimited data retention, data recovery is simple. Recover individual files and email accounts with point-in-time accuracy, to the same account/location or to a different account/location.

Managed IT Managed IT

Managed IT

Rest assured that our highly skilled IT professionals are working on your network

Consultancy & Design Consultancy & Design

Consultancy & Design

Providing support and guidance to improve your IT systems

Cloud Solutions Cloud Solutions

Cloud Solutions

Cloud solutions allow authorised users to access shared files across the internet on-demand

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

We offer options that can quickly get your business’ IT back on its feet if disaster occurs

Voice Voice


VoIP is a way to communicate over the internet with your voice, rather than through a landline or mobile network.

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